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January 25 2015

To download this material Click this link - http://homework-tutorials.com/product/cmgt-410-week-3-individual-assignment-project-budget/ ; The project for the company offsite 2-day training session has been given a preliminary go-ahead. However a budget needs to be submitted for approval. Write a 2- to 3-page memo explaining the financial implications of your project that does the following: Adds costs estimates to your resources (both labor and material) – Refer to websites like the United States Department of Labor for estimates. Adds estimates for all task duration and sequencing of tasks (including precedence relations) Summarizes any relevant facts about the project duration, number or type of resources, critical task sequencing, and how duration estimates were arrived at Highlights if there are any milestones for your project Include a Microsoft® Project Gantt chart, as an attachment, showing the WBS of tasks (with dependencies) and task sequences, along with any budget or cost reports to support your memo.. Many college students use dorms and roommates to keep their housing costs down. Pay attention to the fact that your environment plays a big role in your academic success or failure. It can be fun to live in a dorm, but staying with relatives might be better for your education.

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